GRG (GFRG) as a new pre-cast decoration material, is composed of gypsum plaster reinforced with glass fibers and environmental microelement additives based on excellent raw gypsum in amelioration. This material can be made as all kinds of plane boards, productions in different functions and various art styles, which is the most popular upgrade product in international architecture decoration material field at present. After 3-year research and development, GRG product was successfully developed in Poland at first time by our company in 2009, and its manufacture and installation system were gradually improved step by step.

According to our research & practice and other overseas scientific documentations, GRG as an upgrade architecture decoration material, it has 10 main advantages and characteristics as follows:

1. Crack and shrink resistant: gypsum of GRG has no corrosive action on glass fiber, and its wet-dry shrinkage ratio is less than 0.01%, which ensures the stability and durability of the product and appears no chap and no distortion after long life use.

2. Light weight: standard thickness of the plane part of GRG product is 3.2~8.8mm (more thick if required), and the weight of per square meter is only 4.9~9.8kg, which can decrease the main body weight and component load.

3. Superior strength and durability: after experiment, the rupture load of GRG product is more than 1200N, which exceed 10 times of the rupture load of JC/T799-1998(1996)Decoration Gypsum (118N).

4. Breathing Effect: GRG board is a special material consisting of mini-hole structure. In nature environment, multi-hole can absorb or release moistures. When it’s high temperature and low humidity indoor, the board will gradually release moistures from mini-hole; when it’s low temperature and high humidity, it will absorb moistures from the air. Such RELEASE and ABSORB forms the “Breathing” effect. This kind of circulation appears the effect of indoor humidity adjustment, creating a comfortable “microclimate” of working and living conditions.

5. Fireproof: GRG material is an A-Class fireproof material. When meets fire, it can not only prevent burning, but also release 15%~20% moistures of its own weight, which can largely reduce the surface temperature and fire damage.

6: Eco-friendly: GRG as a GEP (Green Environmental Protection) material has no odor, and its Radioactive Nuclide Limit is accord with A-style decoration material standard of GB6566-2001, which can be used for recycling.

7. Soundproof: after test, the permeation lost of 4mm thick GRG material is 500Hz 23d, 100Hz 27db, and its air-dry specific gravity is 1.75, which accord with echo requirement of special acoustics. Though style design, it can form a well absorbing structure for sound insulation and absorption.

8. Easy Manufacture: Mold-release time of GRG products needs only 30 minutes, and drying time only 4 hours, which can largely decrease the manufacture period.

9. Easy Installationl: GRG can be made in different styles based on designers, and can be produced and divided in large chunk. It’s easy for processing on site, quick and flexible for installation, and can be seamlessly spliced in large piece to form an integrated style without errors, especially for opening, camber and corner, etc.

10. Smooth & Flawless of Surface: whiteness surpasses more than 85%, and it can be well plastered with all kinds of paints and decoration materials to form an excellent effect.

broszura GRG 

broszura GRG